WebStorm ignores AutoHotKey (or how do I swap caps & esc)

I'm using AutoHotKey to switch my caps lock and escape keys under Windows 7.  For every other application I run this works fine but when I am in the WebStorm window the app doesn't work at all.  

So my first question is can I get AHK to work properly in WebStorm?  I'm asking here because it works fine for every other Windows App I've ever ran so JetBrains must be doing something funky for it to not work.

As a follow up question I'm using the IdeaVim plugin and via the keymap I have figured out how I can make caps lock also function as the escape key.  The problem I have is that the caps lock still toggles the caps lock state and I can't find caps lock listed in the keymap so I can't disable the normal functionality.  Is this listed somewhere and I just haven't seen it?

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I was able to resolve this by running AHK in administrator mode.. seems a bit odd I had to do this though.


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