GotoID in PHPStorm,

I know you can goto classes, files, symbols and lines. But what about ID's?

When in HTML, that would be REALLy helpful. Is there something I'm missing?

Or maybe something  similiar to Sublime's "Find Anything". You press ctrl+w and search for anything in any file (or search for files) in the project. And it's super fast. Is there something similar in PHPStorm that I'm missing?


Hi Stephen,

Have you tried "Navigate | Symbol..." ? It is able to search fro css ids/classes etc


Ok THAT works fine for css and js. I"d prefer it to give priority to the current (open) document, but ok. What it doesn't search is HTML ID's. Anyway I can quickly find them?  Like:

<div id="woform">


The symbol search will not find "woform"..



For local document search use Navigate | File Structure


Doesn't show ID's for  Div's. It shows vars, and other "PHP" related elements (like includes and methods. It does not show any HTML elements.

Most of my work is HTML/CSS/JS with PHP used just to fetch the data (and templating, sometimes). I got documents that are hundreds of lines of HTML. Being able to jump around the document (a qucik jump to any div ID tag, etc, etc) would be really helpful. The "Structure" Panel would work if I could filter that. Filter it to just display certain elements would be wonderful.

Maybe I'm using the wrong product. Does WebStorm have this?


It shows -- but not for php/html mix. HTML/JS works fine.


You can only create new ticket for Bug or Feature Request


Ahh ok. Still stuck with two editors then.  I'll requrest a feature. Thanks.


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