[phpstorm] Quick switching between projects

Is there any fast way to switch between projects?

I Netbeans I could open few projects in one instance and it was really useful.
How can I work this way in PhpStorm?
Is there any workaround for this?


Hi there,

  1. Open them in separate windows (when opening exisitng project it should ask where it should open it)
  2. If you just need code from that project, you can add it as separate Content Root in Settings | Directories (of course, if it has the same classes/ids then it will bring some issues, but that all depends on what those other projects are and how you need to use them.

My default shortcuts are ⌥⌘` and ⇧⌥⌘`

The keyboard shortcuts can be found at "Keymap > Next Project Window / Previous Project Window".


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