Stop Indenting After Closing HTML Tags

How can I get PhpStorm/WebStorm to stop indenting after closing HTML tags?

For instance, if I type this any of these tags:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path" />

<script src="/path"></script>


After the closing doctype tag, link tag, script tag, and body tag, PhpStorm 4.0.2 indents 8 spaces.

I've tried fiddling with the "Do not indent children of..." setting in Code Style > HTML, but this doesn't work and the setting is for children of those tags -- my problem is occurring AFTER the close of those tags.

Why is this occurring and how can I stop it?


To make sure my explanation is clear, here is what happens after typing the closing body tag:

........(IDE automatically indents next line to here -- 8 spaces in)

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Figured out that setting the "Continuation Indent" setting to 0 fixes this problem.

Settings > Project Settings > Code Style > General > Continuation Indent: 0

Will report if changing this setting leads to other issues. I'm guessing the problem has something to do with using the HTML5 doctype, but can't tell for sure.


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