Folder/file "Clear Read-Only Status" doesn't seem to work

A little background:  I am coding for Joomla (2.5 at the moment) and I of course want to use PHP storm for the purpose.  I use my local appache server that comes with the MAC OS  Yeah, I could use MAMP or something but I don't have the options for compiling things, configurations I like etc, so, using the local Apache server).  I use the default /Users/john/Sites for my projects.

I have tried this a couple ways, one I run into the snag as I have stated in my title.  I have a workaround, but I would love to hear why the feature to unlock the folder/files doesn't seem to work.  This may be a permission/ownership issue.  I know, I likely have holes in my understanding here :8}

Method one (with the issue):

1) Create new folder for the project: ie "joomladev" and it defaults to rights/ownership of:   drwxr-xr-x      2 john  staff

2) I copy the joomla code with installer into the folder and run the install.  Joomla installer can't delete the installation folder for me.  I can delete it manually of course, but then later on, if I want to install any extensions, I can't becasue "_www" has no rights to do so :)

3) I give "everyone" full rights to the folder and it's sub folders/files.  I can install extensions, but, anything Joomla touches, it does so as "_www" so PHPStorm now of course sees all these that Joomla (really PHP running as the server) as locked.

I get the issue in in the title of my post here.  Ok, holes in my understanding, but, PHPStorm's dialog says "Use file system to remove the read only..." (only selectable option and it's the default and is of course selected), but clicking the ok does nothing.  the IDE is not frozen or anything.  It just won't do it.

Method two:

1) Enable the FTP with working credentials for my localhost running on my MAC.  Anyone needs to know how, (yeah trivial stuff but someone may appreciate this:

2) Next, when you create your folder in your local web directory, use chown [user]:www on the folder you created.

3) Next, copy your joomla with installer :) into the folder.  Do the install.  You will have to delete the installation folder manually at the end.  No biggie.

4) Enable FTP in the Joomla configuration with proper credentials etc.

Now when you install extensions, their folder/files will have the ownership of [user] _www AND - this is what I wanted to accomplish - my IDE (PHPStorm in my case) will not have the files locked.


So, please, is Method Two the only and best practice?
Why can PHPStorm unlock the files using the file system if I am part of the ownership status ie: john _www ?

If you have links to share for people using PHPStorm and developing for Joomla, please by all means, share them! :)



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