Clicking on White Space, Does not go to End of Line

Hello Friends

I've only noticed this issue after upgrading to the latest version of WebStorm (WS-117.257). Basically when I click on white space to the right of a line of code (way off to the right), I am expecting (like all other code editors and text editors) to have my cursor place at the end of the line of code.

Instead what is happening is my cursor is placed where ever I drop it, and so I have to press back space for 2 seconds to get back to the end of line of code, this is really annoying and wasting a lot of time for me. Is there a way to fix it ?

Thank You.


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Hi Ciwan,

Settings | Editor | Allow placement of caret after end of line

Hint: Settings  screen has search facility (left top corner). If you type some keyword  it will highlight all setting elements that has such text in it -- this  helps with finding even unknown settings (even if you do not know  correct keyword, few different keywords/attempts and most likely you  will find correct one).

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Ah I am happy again, thank you Andriy :^O


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