New Project --> Project Type

In PHPStorm 4.0, I think with the node.js plugin enabled, there is a new group of settings for "project type".

Checking the code, it appears that a project "type" basically consists of a github repository and when you "create" a new project:
The github zipfile is downloaded from [for html5 boilerplate] to users\myusername\.WebIde40\system\projectGenerators\subdir
a json manifest file is stored in the subdir

The new project consists of all the files from the zipfile, along with directories and such.

So I have 2 questions.  One is how can I change the repository for the existing projects?  For example, I forked the above repo, so if I want to make changes to it, is it possible?

And secondly, is there a config file I can update to add new project types and github repositories?

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