Is it possible to run node/ruby remotely from WebStorm/IDEA

I'm wondering if IDEA has the ability to remotely run execution/command environments like node/ruby over something like SSH. So you would be running IDEA on a local box but the node/ruby environment is on another (e.g. linux on VirtualBox). Use cases would be normal development on newer languages that prefer linux or wanting to do work against a development server.

IDEA supports remote debugging so you can create a local/remote mapping for the files (

IDEA also supports Remote Hosts for accessing the remote files (

But even with both of these you have to manually run the commands and so forth on the remote box (typically in remote shell). What I am looking for is a way to have IDEA connect over SSH to the remote box and run the commands there, piping the results back to the local console.

In some ways this is the reverse of what folks can do with cloud9, it puts the IDE server and test environment together remotely. I'm suggesting with a simple SSH connection you can get all the JetBrains goodness locally while the files and execution environment stays local.

I think I could somehow fake it myself by creating a ssh wrapper scripts around node and using a local mount, but it would obviously be nicer if it was built-in. And I think it would be helpful in lots of use cases.

I can create the feature request in youtrack, but wanted to float the idea first to verify it doesn't already exist in some plugin that I am missing.


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Digging around some more, it sounds like what I am looking for is the equivalent of the "Remote Python Interpreter" functionality that PyCharm has ( Since I now know JetBrains calls it I have gone ahead and created youtrack issues for it for node and ruby:



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