Is there a way to render custom filetypes as HTML and add custom tags to the syntax highlighter?

Hi all.

Working with Apache Velocity (.vm) files. These are mostly HTML but contain a few Velocity-specific lines like #set($foo = 'bar') or #if(condition) ... #end etc.

I can set up a new file association in WebStorm to handle .vm files and highlight these tags, but then the HTML doesn't get highlighted. I can configure WebStorm to treat .vm files as HTML, but then I can't add Velocity's custom tags to the (locked) HTML definition.

Is there some way I can combine these two features and get syntax highlighting for Velocity to work properly?


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Basically, no.

We have full Velocity support in IntellJ IDEA Ultimate (wich also supports PHP, Java, Ruby, Python plus a ton of other languages via plugins).

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Is there a complete list of the languages support with Velocity? I've searched on google and on the wiki of what I think is the correct velocity project but can't find it.

I just installed IntelliJ 11 and the support for ASP is no better than in WebStorm or PHPStorm. Wish you would enable better support for Classic ASP/VBScript in your IDE's. Or at least allow us to make custom changes.


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