ctrl-n for javascript functions

I use resharper and love it. I use webstorm and love it too. However, in resharper I can do ctrl-n and get a class, ctrl shift-n and get a file and ctl shift alt -n and get a method.

Well in webstorm which i"m using for javascript I would really really love it if I could say ctrl -somthing type DCI.Views.MyView and have it take to a backbone.js view ( or whatever the function may be ). So for instance if I have a file that has

DCI.Views.SomeView = Backbone.View.extend({ bla bla bla });


DCI.repository= (function(){ blah blah return blah blah blah}());

I would love to be able to navigate to those functions. Any thoughts? R


Hi Raif,

I'm not JavaScript guy, so cannot be sure on this .. but have you tried "Navigate | Symbol..." for navigating to JS classes? Accordingly to IDEA-51867 (which you may consider voting for) it should work.

Another ticket (not sure how actual it is though) -- http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-23335


Yes this is, I think, what I am after.  I can't really tell what program they are refering to.  I'm a c# and javascript guy.  I guess IntellaJ is the java editing program by jetbrains.  I'm interested in webstorm or rubymine which I use for javascript.  But the functionality described in those two tickets is what I want.


When those tickets will be implemented, it will be available in all IDEA-based IDEs with JavaScript plugin installed, be it PhpStorm, RubyMine etc.


Oh, cool!  well ... let's get em done!
thanks for the info,


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