how to modifie or enhance the definitions for editor color schemes?


Is it possible to cutomize/modifie/enhance the definitions for editor color schemes?

In the Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts we have many Options to color PHP Code-Elements(Brackets, Semikola, Operators, ...).
But for example, for CSS it is really limited. It would be cool if it where possible to tweak that in some kind.

How could i do that?

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Hi Tobias,

You cannot. It can only be done by coding it in the original CSS module/plugin.

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mhmm, i feared that already, ok.

And the original CSS module/plugin is not editable i guess (sorry I'm no JAVA-Coder), it's compiled Bytecode ?!

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In PhpStorm (or any other IDEA-based IDE) -- yes.

But I think it is part of IDEA Community Edition, which has source codes available  (although no guarantees here at all).

In any case -- you can always file new Feature Request for more styles on Issue Tracker .. just do not expect it to be implemented any time soon (I think CSS support has enough styles while PHP has a bit too many -- in my opinion, of course).

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I think too that CSS doesn't need to many color options but the Problem in my Opinion is the inconsistency. In PHP you can style the Operators (+, -, !, &&, =, ...)  but the Array Key-Value Allocation Operator (=>) is not effected by that.

In CSS, for example, uses the Dot (.) for class Identifiers the standard Color, the Hash-Operator (#) on the other hand,  uses the color of the Identifier. This color is also used for Webcolors (#ff0000). I think thats some kind of  minor Bug. Probably most People will never notice this. ;)

And therefore it would be cool to be able to fix this small Issues.

A good example for a very customizable Code-Color-Scheme-System is jEdit. It has also alot of other good Features.

Anyway, if its not possible then it is not possible.

Have a nice Day!


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