New XML Document in PhpStorm?

I am looking for a way to create a new xml document in php storm.
I don't see XML as one of the available file types when I click on File > New

I see only XSLT Stylesheet but no XML

I am using the trial version of PHPStorm 4.01

How do I enable XML file editor?

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Hi Dmitri,

Few choices:

  1. Use "File | New..." and then just use first entry -- "File" .. where you can type full file name (file.xml, file.css etc -- file with any extension, even .htaccess etc). In the end you will have new & empty file created.
  2. Settings | File Templates -- create new entry for XML. Once created it will be listed as separate entry in "File | New..."
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Thanks. Just creating a new blank file and naming it with .xml extension worked well.


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