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is it somehow possible to controll how the folders in the project browser are sorted? My problem is, that in some projects I have a lot of folders that are named like xxx_yyy_zzz where xxx is the company name, yyy is the project name and zzz is the plugin name. These folders are sorted alphabetically as one would suspect.
However there are also folders where one or the other underscore is missing (like xxxyyy_zzz or xxxyyyzzz). These folders are then sorted below those with underscores in their names which makes it very hard to find some folder (especially if you know the name but not how the underscores are used in that case).
To make a long story short, It would be great if the sorting algorithm for the project browser would ignore non-alphanumeric characters. Is there some option to achieve this? I didn't even find a page for the browser in the options.


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Hi there,

There is no such option.

You can file a feature Request ticket on Issue Tracker (but I doubt it will be implemented any time soon, if ever).


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