PHPStorm/WebStorm - do I need both?

I'm unclear on whether PHPStorm includes the functionality of WebStorm and if not, then how does the workflow work between PHPStorm and WebStorm? If I'm working on a PHP project and need to edit HTML/CSS/JS do I need to re-open the project in WebStorm?

I've migrated all my projects from NetBeans to PHPStorm and loving it. Great work guys!


I have been in this situation too ... for couple of months i used webstorm .. and just now switched to phpstorm .. same features + php ))) love it) so you should go for phpStorm


its all in one.  you dont need both (or another way to say it is with phpstorm you also get webide)

reads "What is webstorm?
# Intelligent editor
# PHP-aware code analysis
# Your PHP code test-lab
# Fine-tuning toolkit
+ WebStorm"

I read that as "PhpStorm contains these 4 things plus the WebStorm package".  Hopefully im understanding it right.


Yes, you're right. PHPStorm includes ALL WebStorm features + PHP/SQL related stuff.


What about RubyMine?  I noticed that WebStorm offers alot of the same features.

Are there any other features in WebStorm that aren't in RubyMine?



RubyMine is also build on IntelliJ IDEA plaftorm and basicaly has the same set of web-related functionality, (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS editing, refactoring, etc.) and other core features (version control system integration, etc.). PhpStorm knows about PHP, RubyMine knows about Ruby and Rails. Whereas WebStorm does not have a deep knowledge of any technologies except the basic ones.

Also since the release cycles of the products differ a little, some features available in one IDE may not be available in another until the next release. For instance, right now RubyMine has no deployment functionality and no JavaScript debugger. But they will be added in the nearest RubyMine update.

Hope it helps,



yes, that answers my question.  Thanks for the support!


Has this been done? Does RubyMine include all the features of WebStorm?


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