Where to view file size?

Dont realy know, whats wrong, but i cant see size of active file anywhere... also some info like dates.
I know that project explorer dont show this information, but where I should look?

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Hi Pavel,

File size and time stamp can only be displayed for remote files (Remote Host panel) when such options are selected there .. or when doing some VCS/Deployment operations. Don't remember any other places right now.

For actual project files you will have to use your OS:

  • Right click on such file in Project View panel and choose "Show in Explorer/Finder/etc" (depends on OS)
  • In editor -- "Navigate | Select In..." and then choose option 8 (the same "Show In Explorer/Finder/etc" command)

If you want -- you can select all text in editor and check status bar -- it will tell number of characters selected. Not accurate in any way, but will give you some estimates.

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If You don't want to leave your favorite IDE:

  • Right click on such file in Project View panel and choose "Show in" -> "Terminal"
  • In Terminal type and execute command "ls -la" (if you are on Linux or Mac)
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Since some 2020.x version or so you can activate "Menu | View | Appearance | Details in Tree View" to see the file size & date in the Project View panel:

An example:

Or if this needs to be checked for a single file: select the file an invoke "View | Quick Documentation"


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