Getting a plugin built that works in phpstorm?

I want to get a plugin built that works in phpstorm.

I had a go at following the docs, ( ) but im just not a java developer and the docs are not aimed at people new to java.

So the question is: What do i need to ask to find someone who is capable of building a plugin for intellij and PhpStorm?

Are there any locations that particularly suit finding someone to do the job?  Even a search term suggestion would be welcomed.


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Have you considered looking at the list of available plugins in PhpStorm's "Settings | Plugins" screen? Quite a few of them are open source, so you can look at the code yourself or contact authors for advice on how to make plugin work (if you are actually interested in doing it yourself) .. or ask if they can do it for you (whole plugin).

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now thats a smart idea.

I was trying to get the sample tool window to work but couldn't even make the sample go by following the instructions.

I tried a few times, but going from knowing how to build something to not knowing how to do anything got frustrating.  Check the phpstorm open source modules is a great idea.


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