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I have an xml list of codestyle rules for Joomla! for Eclipse PDT.

Viewing the file, it is a fairly self intuitive xml file, for example:
setting id="jp.sourceforge.pdt_tools.formatter.insert_space_before_closing_paren_in_method_invocation" value="do not insert"

By mucking about with PHPStorm space settings and exporting, I would guess it most likely matches:

So it's possible to make a simple table where
is mapped to code_schema name=Joomla!->codeStyleSettings language=PHP->SPACE_WITHIN_METHOD_CALL_PARENTHESES
and the possible eclipse values get mapped to the idea values[in this case, 'do not insert' maps to 'true'

The problem I have at the moment is that when exporting this data, PHPStorm only exports the difference with the default settings.  So my example PHPStorm file is extremely sparse.
Is there a complete export file somewhere so that we can know all the definition options?  Then it would be dead simple to setup translators...tedious, but simple.

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I would do the following: in Settings|Code Style|Php switch to "Default" scheme, click "Manage..." and save as, for example, "MyScheme". Then change every option for something different from default and take a look at ./WebIde40/config/codestyles/MyScheme.xml (./WebIde40 is a typical PhpStorm settings directory). For most of the options you can get also some information from CommonCodeStyleSettings java class in Intellj IDEA Community Edition sources:
But PHP-specific options - PhpDoc/Other are not listed there.


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