How to customize the WebStorm installation so it can be kept completely on an external drive?

We want to provide a uniform and complete installation of JetBrains' Tools (IDEA and WebStorm so far) for our developer team.
A developers.dmg has been prepared for this purpose. It can be copied to a new Mac and provides the complete tools and source work files within few minutes. It also allows to be kept on a external drive and allows one to take the complete workspace from one desk to another. I am not sure if this is the perfect solution but it already works fine so far. Nevertheless better solution advises are welcome!

For IDEA we already managed to prepare a customized Info.plist  to keep Preferences, Caches, Application Support, and, Logs on the developers.dmg and not in the ~/Library folder which is kept with the user HOME folder. This looks like this (where /work is the mounting point of developers.dmg and /work/lib replaces ~/Library here):

                        <string>/work/lib/Application Support/IntelliJIdea11/</string>

These keys where transparent with IDEA Version 9, have been obviously removed with later versions but do their work with IDEA 11.1.1 fine.

Now we started to work with WebStorm too and we want to integrate it the same way. Who knows the property keys I can use?

Thanks for your Help!
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Oh ... it looks like I found the solution myself ... by using the same properties as with IDEA (because the underlying engine is idea :) )


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