Start IIS Express from WebStorm

I'm using Webstorm to edit an old Classic ASP site we are moving to node.js and front end using kendoui.

Is it possible to have Webstorm launch "iis express" so it will server the page correctly?

There are command line options for IIS Express if those can be set to automatically launch when you open the folder or project?

iisexpress /path:c:/myprojects/mywindowsclub/  /port:9010

Hi there,

There is no such functionality available to execute some custom commands when specific project is opened unfortunately. Therefore I see 2 possible options:

  1. Launch such command manually using External Tools functionality (Settings | External Tools + (optionally) Settings | Keymap to set custom shortcut to it).
  2. Using Phing integration -- you can execute such phing task manually when required ... or execute it automatically when using Run/Debug Configuration to execute/debug your page (most (but not all) run configuration types have such option available).

Alternatively -- you can look at some batch script that will:

  1. Launch iisexpress first, and then
  2. Launch IDE which will open specific project (check docs for command line options)

Hello, briankb,

You can submit a feature request for a separate IIS run configuration -

Thank you for feedback!


Thanks for the replies.

I submited it as suggested.


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