Setting up project to recognize php

I am currently testing out PhpStorm and am seriously considering switching to it, but I first need to figure out how to make my it work within my dev environment.

Here is my setup:
1. Desktop running Windows 7 OS with PhpStorm installed.
2. VirtualBox with a distribution of Ubuntu (Turnkey LAMP to be precise) as my server and PHP and XDebug installed.
3. File share of my root folder on Ubuntu with Windows through Samba and mapped to drive.

I created the project with the option "Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via mapped drive"

Now when I am trying to set the PHP Interpreter and browse to "<mapped drive>/usr/bin", but I get the error "PHP version: Not installed".

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?  What is the best way to setup a project in PhpStorm with my deve environment setup?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi there,

If you want to use PHP Interpreters functionality (which is used for executing *local* PHP scripts and other such local tasks: local PHPUnit, local Phing etc) you will need to provide local PHP installation as PhpStorm for Windows will search for php.exe, which is not available in Linux build, of course. If everything (from PHP side) will be executed remotely, then AFAIK you do not need specifying PHP interpreter.

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I'm trying to setup PHPUnit. All my source are developed on PC and uploaded to the remote host, which as specific php extension that I can't have on my local PC (like DB2 connection). I though that the tests should run on the same PHP Stack / server to where they are meant to belong ? or is it a misunderstanding on my end ?

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PHPUnit run configuration type is for executing PHPUnit tests locally (on the same computer where PhpStorm is running). For this you need to configure local PHP Interpreter entry (have fully working PHP and PHPUnit on your computer).

PHPUnit on Server run configuration type is for executing PHPUnit tests on remote computers (not where PhpStorm is running -- e.g. Virtual Server, Remote Server). It will be executed via web interface (using your default Deployment server configuration).


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