Find & replace in a php file???

I feel really stupid for asking this, but how do you perform search and replace in a normal php file - no classes - just few functions?
Like this:
function com_install() {
    $update = checkIfUpdating();

    switch($update) {
        case '1b':
        case '1b2':
        case '1stable':
        case '2.0':    
        case '2.0.1':    
        case '2.0.2':    
        case '2.0.3':    
        case '2.0.4':
        case '2.0.5':
        case 'new':
    if ($update != 'new') {


I have selected jimport and clicked on ctrl+R and i get cannot perform refactoring - selected function is not located inside this project. I don't want to refactor -> I just want to rename the function in that particular file?

I can select the directory and use the option "replace in path" -> it will find the text that I search for and I can replace from there, but this seems really overly complicated just for few changes in a file???

Am I missing something?

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Hi Daniel,

Please check your shortcuts (Settings | Keymap -- maybe choose another scheme or customize yourself) as it seems that your keymap is quite different from what you are expected.

The Replace command you are after -- Main Menu | Edit | Find | Replace -- check what shortcut you do have there. Make sure that editor window is active in order to activate this command.

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Hey Andriy,
Thank you very much! I was looking all  the time in the edit menu for replace  -> didn't expect that under find I'll have the replace.
You have no idea how frustrated I was with that all the time...

That was it my shortcut was actually diffirent!
Thank you and have a nice day!


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