How to setup PHPStorm so it skips inspections in defined directories

How to setup PHPStorm so it skips inspections in defined directories? Doctrine proxies produce a lot of noise before commits. There are autogenerated so we do not have any means to change them and therefore want them to be skipped.

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The way I had PHPStorm exclude directories for inspection is like this.

  • In the Project View
  • Right click on a folder
  • Mark Directory As
  • Excluded
  • Confirm button on next pop-up dialog box

Seems like that's what you want if I read your question correctly.

If you want to "get those back" you can go to:

  • PHPStorm -> Preferences
  • Project Settings
  • Directories
  • Look at the "Excluded Folders" list and click <X> on the ones to return.


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Hi Oleg,

Try this:

  1. Define custom Scope (Settings | Scope) so it includes (or excludes) only files where inspection should run (or should not).
  2. Settings | Inspections
  • Find inspection in question, right click on it and choose "Add Scope"
  • Select desired custom scope
  • Now you can configure this inspection for desired scope and for everything else (outside of scope / default)
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Andriy, thanks for the reply, I set up one scope in my project, but when I went  to Settings - Inspections - PHP - any inspection and clicked on it, there were only color related options (differerent colors for different levels of severity) there.

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What version do you use? I'm on v4 EAP build and it is there. Quite possible that it is not available in v3.

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PHPStorm 3.03, probably your suggestion works on 4.0 EAP builds.


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