Best practice for rapid preview?

(I'm using version 4 EAP)

It seems that jetbrains is not interested in supporting live browser preview.  ( see

So what's the next best thing?  Now that I've worked in editors that support it (mainly Hyperedit) it's hard to leave the headspace of that kind of immediate feedback.

So ideally I'd like to put some kind of hook into PHPStorm's keypress or syntax check re-parse so that it calls out to my browser and triggers a page refresh.  I'm guessing that's not possible.

So how about a custom keyboard command to force the refresh?  Does PHPStorm support keyboard commands to launch OS command line scripts?  If so I could write a little batch to precompile my javascripts and then refresh the browser.

Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any info on this.

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Hi Tom,

  1. You can use Settings | External Tools to "launch OS command line scripts". Once created, you can assign custom shortcut to it in Settings | Keymap
  2. Have a look at LiveReaload (previously XRefresh) --
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Thanks for the tip!  LiveReload looks great.


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