webstorm and css

I am trying to walk through the jquerytools.org and using the webstorm IDE.

Well the instructions say css is very important, so as part of the tutorial it asks me to have a .css class (not that I can't imbed it in html).
But when I go to new, there is no such option for a css class.

What am I missing?

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Hi Joe,

There is no special entry for new css file as there is no generic template that can be used for it (in other words -- what's the point of separate entry for creating an empty file, really).

Just use New ... | File and type file name including .css extension (e.g. main.css).

If you want to have such separate entry (even with some content, e.g. copyright notice etc) then create one yourself in Settings | File Templates (or the same via New ... | Edit File Templates)


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