catch all echo()'s

Hello again

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I have to ask:
I know, if I like to get the content from echo()-functions I could start an ob_start() command before and chatch them with ob_get_contents(). In bigger Projekts I set everywhere echo()-Commands. It would be nice to see the hole content in one place in the debugger.
Is it possible to chatch them in phpStorm together, or is it gone away, direktly to the WebClient and lost for the PHPIDE?
Maybe there is an SuperGlobal like $_ECHO or something like this and I don't know from the existence; It would be realy sad. So I had to ask.

My system os x 10.7.3 phpStorm 3.0.3

Kind regards

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Hi there,

There is no such global variable -- you have to manage it yourself.

Such functionality (or something close to it -- show final text/data that was sent from php to the web server (and then to the browser)) was present in PhpStorm back in v2 EAP builds (over an year ago) but it was removed as there were issues with it (did not always worked etc -- WI-4466).

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So, I have to accept this and catch them in "oldstyle" :). No problem.
But, it would be a nice feature...

Maybe in a future phpStorm 5.... Who knows.
Kind regards and thank you for your help.


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