Missing "missing phpDoc comment"

Hi together

Since a few days, I miss the "Inspection feature in (new) functions" from phpStorm. Before, if there was no phpDoc, the function was marked with a red line underneath. If I set the mouse on the function-name there appeared a bulb on the left with the hint "missing phpDoc comment" or some phrase like this.  And with a click on it, I get a menu with "create phpDoc comment" or something like this.
Unfortunately since some days, or maybe a week, I miss this feature. I didn't change the settings, but maybe I pressed a shortkey without to be aware.
In "PhpStorm>Preferences>Project Settings>Inspections"  I hoose  "PHP>Missing PHPDoc comment" but nothing changes. The Point "PHP" also the Point "Missing PHPDoc Comment" are blue instead black like the most other points in the Inspections/tab.
When I click on the "police-man" in the right down corner, the highlighting level is set on "Inspection" in HTML an PHP and the Current Inspection Profile is the same like under Pref>Proj.Settings>Inspections "Project Default".

I din't find a matching point under "IDE Settings" in Preferences.
Maybe I missunderstand something. Could someone give me a hint how a could change the configuration to "re-"appear the missing hint "missng phpDoc comment"?
Or is there maybe a shortcut to generate the phpDoc directly without to hoover over the function than press on the bulb an after the menupoint? This would be perfect. But also the redline, considered by itself, I would like to reconfigure. Unfortunately I didn't find the solution...

Kind regards

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Hi there,

It's hard for me to tell what exactly is wrong there (not enough info -- maybe some stand-alone code example?). Which version do you use exactly (Help | About)?

Maybe you have disabled such warning for specific context? Check additional options in that inspection (Settings | Inspections | PHP | PHPDoc | Missing PHPDoc comment) -- you can turn it on/off for class/function/method/field/constant/class constant.

But in any case -- you can always create it manually (no shortcut for this action):

  • go to on a line above function/method declaration
  • type /**
  • and press Enter


public function myFunc ($someParam) {

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Hi Andriy

Thank you, for your speedy help. Your hint with the "/**" was great. Simply but so effectively. To be honest, I should have found them for myself:_|. But sometimes the there is a plank before my head (maybe in english is wrong, but in german it's a saying).
With your help I found the solution for the "underlined" function. There was nothing wrong in the Preference or in the phpStorm. It was only a function without params. So without params => no redline. So simlpy can be the life.

Thank you very much, again.


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