code completion in view when using framework (in this case Yii)


i added

 * @var $this ActivityController

in views/Activity/index.php and now i can get codecompletion with $this. but there are still some  variables which ar enot coming up in auto complete such as variables passed by render() method.

how I can get codecompletion for them . see screenshot for example.render variable- 23.03.2012 , 13_57_54.png



Hi there,

PhpStorm has no special support for Yii or any other framework. If some variable is passed using some special methods, you have to declare them manually to have code completion -- the same way how you did for $this.


Thanks. Now I know bit better.
Is there any plan to support Yii in future? It is not that it is required feature to have in IDE but It would be nice to have  it


Please watch/vote/comment this ticket: (I don't expect this to be implemented any time soon .. considering other more important features/tickets ... maybe v7 or something like that)


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