Automatic renaming of local variables

is there any feature in phpStorm (or planned) about an automatic renaming of e.g. local variables?
I think keeping a good syntax and names declaration is neccessary for good code. For those of us who learned php over the years in an "autodidactic" way the coding quality becomes better and better in small steps. So when one already has a big project it is very hard to change some "good coding" when it is about 100.000 or more lines of code.

So, is it possible to give phpStorm some "rules" for e.g. naming variables. I mean not just for warnings. I have code sniffer installed and it works fine in phpStorm EAP 4, but the think is: It would be cool to do a kind of REFACTORING with variables... so for example I could make phpStorm to change all LOCAL variables to have an "_" before if they have not. Or to tell phpStorm to make every class start with a BIG letter and so on.

Is there any feature already implemented?

Thanks so much, Adrian.

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Hi Adrian,

There is no such functionality in PhpStorm (for batch refactoring) -- you have to invoke "Refactor | Rename" (or another appropriate action) for each subject (variable/class/function etc) separately.

You are welcome to submit Feature Request on Issue Tracker, but I would not expect this to be implemented any time soon (PHP support  is lacking other more important (IMHO, of course) refactoring functionalities which definitely have higher priorities)

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Yes, ok.
But again thanks a lot for your fast answers.
phpStorm rocks and is really good to work with.

Sincerely, Adrian.


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