Confused problem PhpStorm stops working


i have a little confused problem with phpstorm under windows 7.

Sometime when i type a php or other function, phpstorm stop working and come back after few minutes. I have this problem few times on working day and i 'm not sure, where the problem is.

Into the include-path of the project are nothing or when only some pear-packages. I don't know, what can i do or where i should seek for this problem. Can anybody help me please?


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Hi Stefan,

Where your project files are located -- local HDD ... or directly over network ? How big is the file (small, few hundred lines .. or big, over few thousands) ? If you have antivirus, try disabling it.

In any case, here is general approach to help devs solving the issue:
1) IDE FROZEN: Please follow and attach a thread dump of frozen app.
    IDE SLOW: Please follow and provide a CPU dump, for performing slow activity only at least for 30 seconds.
2) Create new ticket on Issue Tracker and attach those documents there.

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Hi Andiy,

yes, all files are located on local hdd (when remote i work with subversion/git only). The currently file(s) are not so big and i think a max of 1k to 2k lines on the biggest files (on the most few hundred), parts of the projects yes (complete Wordpress or includes all installed PEAR-Packages).

I know that my windows laptop have some problems with CPU and Graphik and tends to overhead.

Later I'll open a ticket with neccessary dumps.

Thanks for help,


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