Phpstorm 3.0.1 & Phing

Hello Folks,

I have been surfing the forms / web looking to see if someone is having a similiar problem. Some people seem to be having similiar problems but when I try to follow their solutions. It doesn't seem to be working for me.

The problem I am having is, I have created a Phing script that collects some inputs and based on those does some tasks. If the target doesn't have to collect input, it works fine. But if a target has to collect input it doesn't seem to finish executing the entie <input> tag.

It runs great from cmd in windows. I am using windows 7 x64, if that helps any. It's just getting really annoying that I have to go to directory and then execute the build.xml. Going to the directory is the most annoying part. lol

Appreciate any insight anyone has to offer.

Thank you!


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