PHPStorm, IDEA or RubyMine?

I know similar questions regarding WebStorm or IDEA and RubyMine are asked a lot, but I did not find an answer regarding RubyMine and PHPStorm. I don't want to use two IDEs - that's why I right now use Komodo.
However, I tried RubyMine for Rails and PHPStorm for a ZF project and I like them both. I also installed the PHP plugin for RM, but it is not comparable with PHPStorm.
Do I really need both IDEs? That would mean 2 x configuration of shortcuts, 2 x the price, etc. Unfortunately the EAP of PHPStorm will not let me install the Ruby plugin to try it vice versa.
Is anyone developing actively in both languages and can give me a hint what will work best?

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the superset is intellijIDEA

phpstorm and rubymine are subsets of IDEA.  so get that and you can have both php and ruby as plugins


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