Php Framework that works particularly well with Phpstorm? kohana etc.

For an upcoming project i'd like to try out one of the php frameworks.

Kohana seams to be top of the list or codeigniter.

I want a framework that does not need command line input (like cakephp or zend)  because i dont have command line access on shared hosting.

I see in the issues tracker that there are a lot of requests to get stuff working FOR kohana and others:

Is there a Php framework that does already work particularly well with Phpstorm?


:) Thanks Dmitriy.  Very clear answer.  Guess I'll hold off on that idea then.


Even now with V4 eap's out there is still no framework thats working well yet is there?   (Just had another play with installing kohana, but xdebug cant step through it properly and ctrl+click on chained functions goes nowhere.)


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