Do I always need to set the remote URLs for Javascript files when debugging locally in Webstorm?

I've been using Webstorm for a month now, and I'm beginning to question whether I'm configuring debug correctly each time when debugging against localhost.

My code seems fairly standard in using a single html file and a collection of javascript files organised in various directories.

When starting to debug, I've already given Webstorm both the URL and the filesystem location of the html file I want to use as the starting point of the debug session. I've also told Webstorm about the url and file location of the web root when setting up the project. But when I go, I immediately get messages about remote URLs not being specified so breakpoints won't be hit. Obviously I can set these up, but all I do each time is append the URL of the web root to the .js file path within the Webstorm project, and Webstorm already has all this information!

It strikes me that Webstorm should easily be able to work out these "remote URLs" based on the information it has. Is there a reason why it can't do this, or have I missed something in the debug setup?   




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