Network connectivity is lost when running WebStorm

I'm having intermittent problems with network connectivity being lost while running WebStorm. What leads me to believe that WebStorm is the issue is that closing it cause connectivity to be restored.

I'm on a corporate network behind a proxy.Previous versions of WebStorm didn't cause this issue. I recently updated to 3.02. This is when the issues appeared to start.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems and could help me figure out how to fix it, or if I should file a bug report.

I'm running
- WebStorm 3.02
- Windows XP

Thanks in advance


I noticed this was also happening in WebStorm 4 EAP also. I fired up TCPVIEW and took a peek at what is going on under the hood so to speak. It appears that WebStorm is opening connections to a particular domain and failing to connect, then retrying. It opens a new socket to this domain every couple of seconds.

In some circumstances I believe this causes windows xp to hit the outbound failed connection limit.

My workaround currently is to map the domain that fails to localhost in my hosts file. I haven't hit the problem again since doing that.

Outbound connection limit

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