how to add a file to favorites?

On the left side of the PhpStorm UI there is something called Favorites. How to add a file to it that does not belong to current project?  e.g. I am working on a project, but I need to open other files often, that evidently do not belong to the project. Is it possible at all? Here is what I tried:

  • File->Open Directory and I chose the directory containing my favorite file
  • Open the directory in the Project window
  • Right-click the file and add it to new favorites list named "test"
  • File-> Open my regular project directory
  • The "test" favourite list is gone. Adding new "test" favourite list adds a new one, not that which I created above.

So, is it possible to add files from outside of the project to Favorites?

If yes, then maybe also another question: is it possible to copy favourite lists between projects? Because I have some really favorites, like e.g. httpd-vhosts.conf from apache directory and I need those files to be accessible in every project and it seems unproductive to add them again and again to every new project.

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Hi there,

Favorites are per project.

To add non-project file to favorites -- just open that file in PhpStorm (e.g. drag & drop from Explorer or whatever you have there) and add to favorites.

You can even add whole folder to favorites.

  • If you want to add such non-project folder, then you will have to edit the .idea/workspace.xml file manually (while that project is closed in PhpStorm) -- search for <component name="FavoritesManager"> section.
  • Another approach (which may be enough, but that depends on your requirements) is to add such external folder as Additional Content Root (Settings | Directories) or as External Library (Settings | PHP)

is it possible to copy favourite lists between projects?

No (at least I do not know such way). Even worse (from your requirements point of view) -- favorites are part of workspace.xml, which is individual per developer/project (which means -- you can safely put all other files from .idea folder under version control except that file). Therefore you cannot easily copy favorites between projects.

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Thanks a lot, I managed to kind of share my favorites between projects by copying the component section you mentioned in the workspace.xml files.


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