Live Templates Not Working


For some reason, my live templates stopped working. I have no idea what happened. Even the live templates that I didn't define are not working anymore. For example, when I type in "eco" and then the tab button in a PHP file, it gives me exactly that: "eco     ", instead of the "echo" statement it is supposed to give me. I attached a snap shot of my Live Templates Settings. The only reason I can think of for it suddenly not working is that I had somehow changed the file type I was in so that it wasn't a PHP file anymore. However, I double-checked this and tested it in other PHP files and no cigar. Please help!

PhpStorm Version: 3.0.2


Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 1.33.57 PM.png
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Hi Anneliese,

I'm not a Mac user and not familiar with this skin/look and feel, but for me it looks like ALL entries in that list are unticked/disabled -- that squarish box before "eco" is empty while I'm expecting it to have check icon (like "Reformat according to style" in the right bottom corner on your image). Can you please check this moment.

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Aha! Well that's embarrassing... Thanks so much for your help!


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