Stuck on splash screen trying to start v3.0

I'm suddenly unable to open PHPStorm, it gets stuck on the splash screen. I can open the PhpStorm menu in the menu bar, but nothing will actually open ie. Preferences, About, etc.
Screen shot 2012-02-04 at 15.53.33.png


Any help is appreciated ...  Trying to work out how to disable plugins via config....


Did you just upgrade? how did you do it? I had that problem before because we were updating manually (copying from the zip file) and forgot to delete the
old directory first.


No upgrade... I was waiting for the patch.  I was able to fix the problem by deleting all of my prefs and cache in ~/Library.  Bit of a hassle though...


So this is happening again.... I have patched to 3.0.2 now.  The splash screen progress bar gets all the way to the end and then is just stuck at this point, the IDE never opens.  This only seems to happen when I don't have samba shares connected for a particular vm I use for development.  I'm wondering if PHPStorm is trying to load the project that uses the missing samba share, since that was the project open when I last closed it.  But really I have no idea... I've tried deleting the cache directory, but I'm really trying to avoid deleting the preferences because I'm getting sick of having to set everything up again...

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

ps. Here's the idea log for an attempt to start the IDE - Looks much the same as before, as though nothing is wrong...

UPDATE: After about 15 minutes the project selection screen loaded, but I can't select anything.   Everything is locked up ... :(


Please follow and attach a thread dump of frozen app.


Thanks Alexey,

It has started doing it again, so I will post this thread dump ASAP.

Strangely, it never happens when I'm at the office, but as soon as I'm at home it will never get past the splash screen....


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