[3.0.1] Node.js debugger always stops in fs.js on app startup, even though no breakpoints exist

Love the built-in Node.js debugging feature! Thanks guys!

That said, everytime I start my app the debugger repeatedly stop inside Node's built-in filesystem module code (fs.js) even though I do not have any breakpoints. For example, here are the first few lines of the file I'm running:

var path = require('path'),
    express = require('express'),

The call to require('express') causes Node to eventually load a 3rd-party library from the filesystem, so the execution ends up in fs.js. This is where the debugger hits some sort of "invisible breakpoint", on fs.js:413.

If I keep clicking "Resume" the debugger advances but inevitably hits another "invisible breakpoint" in fs.js, sometimes at different lines.

The work-around I'm using is to mute all breakpoints until my app has finished launching, then un-mute. But this does seem like it might be a WebStorm-related bug. For comparison, I don't have this issue with the 'node-inspector' tool that can also be used for debugging, hence my suspisions that it's specific to WebStorm.

Any ideas? Thanks!

OSX 10.6.8
WebStorm 3.0.1
Node 0.6.8


Actually this is "Exception breakpoint" being triggered and you can switch off in Debug panel settings


I have the same problem.

After turning off "all exceptions", although the node.js Express app run well, Webstorm never stops on any breakpoints I set for the app.

I am running:
     Webstorm: 3.0.2
     Node.js: 0.6.10
     Express: 2.5.8


Breakpoints do not work in your own code or in Express source code?
Do you have symlinks in your project?


Yes, I have setup symlinks to point to both souce code and binary correctly.

To prove this, I can set breakpoints and step into the node.js codes if no other modules are required.

When I start using other modules, ex: require('express') or others, setting breakpoints while debugging will not work.  


please make schema for your symlinking structure, it looks like we have problems with that


Node JS Location: /home/myname/.nvm/src/node-v0.6.10
Path to Node: /home/myname/.nvm/src/node-v0.6.10/node
Path to Node JS App File: /home/myname/test/test0/test.js
Working Directory: (left empty)

I uses NVM to install node.js and have various versions fo node installed.
However, with the above settings, I can debug and step into codes if no 3rd modules are 'required'.
If I use var express = require('express');, the debugger will not stop on any express functions.


Thank you, and where express is installed ?


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