Remote Debugging + edit local javascript file while debugging


I've been working through the javascript remote debug tutorials for WebStorm / IntelliJ(numbers.js)

I've managed to get remote debugging working successfully, however there is one thing that is making life difficult.

When I'm debugging numbers.js in WebStorm(I've also tested in IntelliJ and have same result) there is a little lock icon which I guess implies that the file is read only.  At the moment, it is slow and painful to go full cycle on the development / deploy process of:
1.  code modification on local file
2.  upload
3.  debug on locked remote file
4.  switch tabs to local file
5.  code modification on local file

What I want to do at least is debug on local file, so that I can make changes while debugging and then quickly upload and repeat.

In the tutorial
the numbers.js file does not have the locked symbol in the tab like I am seeing in my locally running WebStorm.

Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone advise how they got WebStorm working so they can make changes to the local file while stepping through and debugging?


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Thanks to CrazyCoders reply on StackOverflow I've got it...

CrazyCoders reply made me re-look at my mappings + setup, and I realize that my mapping was setup incorrectly.  FYI - in IntelliJ, I've set my tomcat to use port 80, and I've set the Run/Debug for Tomcat to port 80, however the auto created JavaScript Remote Debug defaults to port 8080 and not the setting in Tomcat Run/Debug configuration.  I think the JavaScript Remote Debug should default to the Tomcat Run/Debug config.

Anyways - now it rocks!  fast development and reload etc. with zero turnaround time...exactly what I wanted!

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FYI: "CrazyCoder" is our Support Lead.


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