Can't trigger debug on straightforward XAMPP setup

Hello experienced PHPStormers...

I haven't found the magic combination to debug a PHP script which gets triggered by another PHP file's ajax call via POST.

zend_extension = C:\xampp\php\ext\php_xdebug-2.1.3-5.3-vc9.dll
xdebug.collect_return = 1
xdebug.remote_enable = On
xdebug.remote_handler = "dbgp"
xdebug.remote_host = "localhost"
xdebug.remote_port = 9000
xdebug.idekey = "xdebug"
xdebug.trace_output_dir = "C:\xampp\tmp"

In PHPStorm (3.0.1):

Name: local
Host: localhost
Port: 80
Debugger: Xdebug or Zend Debugger (I've tried both)

Debug Port: 9000  [x] can accept external connections
[x] break at first line
[x] force break...
[x] force break...

What am I missing here?  I'm expecting to be able to Start Listen PHP Debug Sessions, set a breakpoint in the php file, and in a separate browser go my my php file that makes the AJAX call, and have the called php script with the breakpoint get snagged.

Thanks for any help, this is driving my bonkers.

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Hello Mitch,

Try 'xdebug.remote_autostart' option (

Thank you for feedback!


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