PHPStorm: Run command line tool on file (type) update

I've setup external tools to run command line functions to minify css and js files in PHPStorm. Is there any inherent PHPStorm functionality, or a plugin, that would allow those external tools to run when a particular file or file in a directory changes?

Thanks for any info...

Absolutely love PHPStorm. I've searched far and wide for a good PHP IDE and it's by far the best one I've used.

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Hi Dave,

There is no such built-in functionality or plugin available (list of all officially known plugins is available in Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories -- if there is one, then you will be able to install it).

I think I saw a request for such functionality about year ago or so, but cannot find that ticket now.

Right now I may only suggest to look for some 3rd party tool that you can use to watch for such changes outside of PhpStorm . or assign custom shortcut to such External Tool and invoke manually when needed.


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