Possible to import/export Remote Host configuration?


is it possible to import the FTP / Remote Host settings?
I would like to generate the import file by my script, because I have a list of 400 FTP Logins.

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Hi Nico,

There is no such functionality to import list of ftp hosts and logins from plain text file or something like that. I mean -- you can use "File | Import Settings ..." and "File | Export Settings..." but that is for transferring settings between computers.

You can edit/generate the config file where all these details are stored directly (when PhpStorm is closed, of course). Check webServers.xml file (on Windows 7 it will be in C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde10\config\options\ folder).

Have a look at this thread -- it should contain enough information for you to do this: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5275025#5275025

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Thank you,
all the informations I need :)


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