Suppress Javascript error

Is there a way to surpress a javascript error.

I have dynamic code being put into a jQuery array with a {PLACEHOLDER}
//noinspection JSUnusedGlobalSymbols
    var array = [{PROTECTED}];//noinspection

Its causing an error and highlights the whole directory as an error.
Is there a way to surpress this for this one line like the //noinspection JSUnusedGlobalSymbols

I changed the whole line to just {PROTECTED} which is better as it is a warning instead of error.
But I can't seem to properly surpress that either.

Any ideas or thoughts whould be helpful.
Possible a ticket to implament such a feature if it doesn't exist.
As this seems to be an issue when dynamically adding into js with placeholders.

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It is not supported right now, please create YouTrack ticket for that


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