Plugin Question - open single file

Would the plugin architecture allow for command line arguments to be read?

eg: if you create a PhpStorm "Open With" option in the host OS file browser, something like:

/home/dbaker/PhpStorm/bin/ /tmp/blank_project/ --single_file "%f"

The operating system passes the file name as %f
PhpStorm launches a new empty project in /tmp/blank_project/ then the plugin looks for a --single_file argument, if one is found it opens that single file?

This way a project isn't created in each directory when single file is opened via the OS file browser?

Just a rough idea for quick file editing without needing the project-only features (refactoring etc..)


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Both plugin command line interception and the your desired feature (open single file) is not possible in current incarnation of IDEA platform.
However we aware that the requirement of project creation is a quite annoing limitation for our users and plan to work on this particular feature in scope of PhpStorm and other non-java IDEs.

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Was there anything done, to fix the annoying non-possibility of open single files with phpstorm?


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