Easy way to navigate to folder in Project Tree?

I just discovered that when I click on a folder in the breadcrumbs, I can see other files in that directory. That's a nice touch!

However, I'd still like a quick way to navigate to a particular folder in the project tree. You can start to type once the project tree is focused, but that (a) only seems to navigate to visible (non-collapsed) items, (b) you can't type in folder names, like "app/myapp/somefeature/whatever".

I'd like to be able to type something like that, and have it highlight and expand to folder for me as I type. Ctrl+Shift+N is nice, but I don't always know the exact name of what I'm looking for, which is why it would be nice if it showed me in the tree as I type.

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This should be filed as feature request to the project tracker - along with idea how it should acutally work for you to be "Easy way to navigate to folder in Project Tree"


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