PhpStorm with Drupal Tutorial Video

Here's a video tutorial I've created for those that want to use PhpStorm together with Drupal. The tutorial shows how to use PhpStorm features in Drupal projects. I show the most common hotkeys for navigating and editing your code.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi Timon,

Thanks for sharing!

The video itself is very good -- person will see what needs to be pressed, how it looks, how it works and what the result will be.

  • Without any sounds or talking it is a bit... boring ... (here you have a room for improvement). In my opinion it needs at least some very quiet but noise (some sort of soundtrack).
  • I see nothing that will be specific to Drupal (except the fact that PhpStorm handles Drupal project fine).
  • If you were doing some preparations/configuration to make it work flawlessly (I have not tried it in PhpStorm yet) then I suggest mentioning it on the very beginning.
  • You could show how to create new module (or whatever terminology is), maybe show them some sort of new file template, so that such new file will be created with some structure already etc.
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Thanks for your feedback. Only thing that is set up before is the Xdebug feature. Some information on that is mentioned in the link in the description.


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