Forum Software Sucks

I'm just going to keep complaining about sucks.

  • Won't save my replies
  • Won't refresh
  • Loses my text
  • Puts random carriage returns in while I'm typing
  • Won't save replies at all with IE9 without being in Compatibilty Mode, and when in that Mode, can't see the Your Stuff menu

Please, please, please fix it or change it.


how do you really feel? I guess its a good thing the software rocks. I would rather Jetbrains spend their time working out bugs on the software then a third party forum software. Complain away, but no one cares.


"I would rather Jetbrains spend their time working out bugs on the software then a third party forum software"

Really? How much do you use the forum? I submit ton of bug reports and I consider this forum a necessary component of the support that I pay for and I don't believe they are exclusionary. I spend a great deal of time assisting Jetbrains and the community better the product and this forum has sucked for a long time and that fact has cost me time (which is money) and caused me a lot of frustration over the years.


Even just posting this reply to you was painful. It hung on Post Message, so I quickly copied the text into notepad so that I wouldn't lost it, and then after about a minute it finally submitted.


I'd agree with this one for sure


Seams to be just recently for me.  It used to be ok from FireFox.


I'd have to say the bulk of your issues stem from the fact that the forum is so slow at refreshing anything you do. It definately could use some improvement.

Not sure if that is the third party platform or the server this is hosted on that causes these issues, but it definately should get looked at by the jetbrains team. Improving the support and community experience does nothing but good for their brands.




We are sorry about the current speed issues, most of the issues you experience are actually the result of forum software performance problems.

Please, please, please fix it or change it.

We're working on both actually.

Thank you for your patience!

Best regards,


please look into making the text editor more "friendly" like you cant really tell what its gonna do.. pressing enter jumps to the begining of your post etc. joy.. now it works fine.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ive resorted to not posting here that often cause its a nightmare.

mind you.. seems much better now..

rant.. retracted.. for now :p

thanks guys :D


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