Remote Xdebug With PhpStorm 3.0

Hi all,

It's late and I am abandonning to grasp the way I can remotely debug my remote code with Xdebug. This is turning me nuts.

To make it clearer : I need to access the web site through an url, as it cannot be accessed otherwise. So I need to use a browser and the web application mode.

1/ Xdebug is installed correctly according to phphinfo.
2/ I run the web application debugging from PhpStorm (3.0) with my idekey
3/ I append the Xdebug code with the same idekey to the URL
4/ I look back and... nothing.

I have tested a thousand different combination and nothing works.

I have setup Xdebug to start automatically, connect back, PhpStorm with absolute path, I can't remember everything I tried on remote and in PhpStorm.

Absolutely nothing happened.

Any remote debugging for my remote debugging?





a friend of mine recently told me, that he had to change the port (default: 9000) to something else (he used 9001) for remote debugging - after that, everything worked. Maybe this could help you...



Hello arculeo,

Do you still have the issue?

Please provide your Xdebug log:

  1. Set up Xdebug to start automatically ('xdebug.remote_autostart' option. See
  2. Set up Xdebug logging ('xdebug.remote_log' option. See
  3. Enable 'Listen PHP Debug Connections' in the IDE.
  4. Navigate to the required URL in the browser
  5. Attach your xdebug log here.

Thank you for feedback!


Actually no. I am still having the issue.

I think I know why, but there is nothing I can do for this.

To access some pieces of code, I need to access it through DNS but it also has to go through Load Balancing.

I believe the LB is breaking the connection.

I am trying to figure out a way to access the the site directly and then the information you posted will certainly be usefull.

Why are you using a LB in development? Would you ask.

Because the dev environment is a copy of the production environment to limit the surprises. Same LB configuration, DB configuration, etc.



i have the same problem, but i don't have a load balancer.

Here you can find my log files.

Thank you.


You know, it never worked for me so I built a remote logging system in PHP in order to get the error log pushed to a console on my desktop.

By the way I am going to use this in production too.

Xdebug does not work and nobody cares so why should I?


I found my solution. There was a problem with my firewall settings:


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