GoodNeighbors Theme for PHPStorm 2 EAP (Test Me Please!)

I'm new to PHPStorm and one of the first things I started to do once I installed the EAP was create my own theme.  I wanted something that clearly separated PHP from HTML from CSS from Javascript without being overly busy.  The result of my rough draft is attached below.  It should/could work even as a light theme.

I'd be grateful if some folks would test this and get back to me about any issues they see and any feedback any of you may have.  This is my first attempt at providing a color theme for any editor.

I hope someone likes it!



JS (Not sold on this color selection yet.  Any ideas would be welcome!)

Download the theme here!


I've noticed that this has gotten some views, but nobody has provided any feedback.  Even if there are boobirds out there, I'd be interested to hear what you think!

- Did I package this incorrectly?
- Is the theme not your style?
- Is the really lame name killing any interest in it (separate the colors.  Good fences. Good neighbors *sigh*).


Well, internally we (PS team) never use any dark or basically any heavilly customised theme, so no practical feedback for you. Name does not seem to lame for me BTW.

Anyway, thanks for sharing :)


I like it, dark but yet not too dark. Been waiting for a nice darker theme that works entirely with v2, seems like the v1 themes don't all work. I also like how you bring out the TODO items, nice touch. I'll keep it for a while and see how it goes. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback both of you!  Please let me know if you see anything that isn't rendering right so I can fix it.

I haven't tried yet, but I believe the theme should work even if you lighten up the background.  I'll have to run some tests over the weekend!


font size seems a tad big... colours VERY bright (thought that was the whole point of a darker theme :p ) lol not a bad idea giving each language a diferent colour theme tho... personaly i think i would get too confused with it tho :p


I forgot to mention the same thing, I'd go with 12 or 14.


Any updates for this theme? I'm going to put it on another computer. One additional feedback item, the red for JavaScript is too bright, something closer to the "string" color is better. And I'd rather that comments in any language are the same color. Just my opinion.


While I like the idea of splitting the languages into their own colour sets I find that you've traded some of the legability of the code just so you can fit them into the colour sets you've chosen.

A few things that would harmonize the set a bit more would be unifying things like operators and brackets. Us a consistent colour for them all, irespective of language. Variable values would also benefit from doing the same.

In this way the colours diferentiate between languages while still providing a visual cue regarding formatting and data. The values you provide your application are independant of the language that you provide them to, and thus should be unified visually so as not to get lost in the code flow.



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