Quick Find without scrolling?

Is there a setting so that when I Ctrl+F it will highlight the search results as I type but it won't start scrolling my canvas around until I hit enter? I keep losing my place and it's quite frustrating. Often I just want to see where some text is in the screenful I'm already looking at.

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There must be a setting for it, because thats how it works on my version.

if im mid way through the file and hit ctrl+f then type 'Cl' all of the ".addClass("  functions will have just the Cl highlighted in bright yellow.  If i hit enter it will jump to the next one.


Ah i see what your saying now.  If there is no ".addClass("  in the visible view of the current page, it jumps to the first one.

What you can do is before you do the ctrl+f is to do a ctrl+shift+1  which will bookmark your current location in the code.  then once your finished and dont know where you are hit ctrl+1 to come back to your book mark.

not exactly what you want, but bookmarks are really useful.

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Yeah...not quite what I was hoping for. Ctrl+Alt+Left is a little bit easier, when it works.


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